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                  The team at Sum Karus Law Firm has a reputation for outstanding litigation in various employment law matters. We successfully represent clients in both defending and prosecuting various employment practices. Our team is devoted to providing exceptional legal services to employees who live and work in Wichita and surrounding Kansas areas.

                  Sum Karus Law Firm have helped their clients on both sides of the aisle. The bulk of our caseload involves employees being wrongfully terminated or forced to quit due to intolerable working conditions.

                  The Sum Karus Law Firm team, has litigated legal matters from rest and meal break violations, discrimination claims, harassment claims, and other alleged legal violations.

                  We specialize in representing wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and sexual harassment claims, as well as hour and wage violations. We pride ourselves in obtaining justice and are committed to delivering exceptional legal service.

                  Our Lawyers

                  Attorney Dack Varss

                  Attorney Dack Varss is the founding partner of Sum Karus Law Firm. Protecting the rights of his clients is his sole career focus. He understands the importance of a strong team and a positive work environment.

                  He is tenacious and passionate about the lawful and dignified treatment of employees in the workplace. A hostile work workplace is of particular concern to Mr. Varss.

                  Information about Your Rights

                  Without a contract, Kansas employees are classified as ‘at will’ employees by default. Employees or employers can terminate an employment relationship without a cause. Employees can be terminated or fired without reason.

                  Any reason or no reason can be used to fire employees. There are some notable exceptions. In Kansas, an employee can make a legal wrongful termination claim if fired for discriminatory reasons, retaliation, because a worker exercised employee rights, or an employment contract was violated.

                  In Kansas, federal laws protect employees from discrimination. Workplace discrimination is defined as a person or group being treated differently from others, not in the group but similarly situated. Protected classes include members of a religious, disability, sex, race, and age groups.

                  Workplace actions that are covered include hiring, firing, promotion, and demotion based on some prejudice that results in an employee being mistreated. Likewise, harassment in the workplace is prohibited by Kansas law.

                  Employees are protected from gender and sexual harassment. A complaining worker does not have to be the direct recipient of harassment. A case can succeed when the complaining employee witnesses speech of behavior that is so pervasive and severe that the witness cannot perform his or her job.

                  The underlying purpose of provisions and anti-harassment laws is to ensure a productive and safe environment for employees. A section on sexual harassment is another topic that can be accessed from our home page.


                  Contact us if you believe you are a victim of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or another work-related violation of your rights. The initial consultation is free and confidential.

                  You are under no obligation. Most cases are subject to a contingency. We charge no fees unless we win the case.

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