Attorney Dack Varss, Kansas Labor Lawyer

                  Committed to fairness in the workplace, Sum Karus Law Firm, represents employees in Wichita and throughout Kansas. Our lawyers have experience in successfully helping in all areas of employment from wrongful termination, to harassment, to discrimination.

                  We present employees from all industries. We have experience, resources, and skills to help against employers who treat employees unfairly or illegally. As a small firm, we have our finger on the pulse of Kansas.

                  Our attorneys understand and appreciate those who live and work in Wichita. Sum Karus Law Firm is a multi-jurisdictional firm.

                  The Law

                  Discrimination is prohibited in the workplace by both federal and state laws. Reasons include national origin, pregnancy, disability, color, religion, gender, and race. Some state laws provide employees greater protection than federal law.

                  Both Kansas and federal law provide prohibitions against discrimination due to an individual’s sex or resulting medical conditions. Employers are required to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment based on breastfeeding, pregnancy, childbirth, or other medical conditions.

                  Penalties that can be imposed against an employer include out-of-pocket expenses related to the suit, lost wages compensation due to wrongful termination, an injunction against an employer for unlawful harassment and discrimination practices, fines for violating nondiscrimination statutes, civil liability penalties, and punitive damages.

                  Disability discrimination law goes a step beyond most other discrimination in the workplace laws. In certain circumstances, the law requires employers to make accommodations that will allow a qualified disabled employee to perform a job adequately. Reasonable accommodations include such things as wheelchair accessible work areas or obtaining technology that permits hearing-impaired workers to use the phone.

                  Interpreting the Law

                  There are many forms of discrimination in the workplace. It occurs when decisions are made to hire or fire employees, as sexual harassment, in retaliation for reporting or drawing attention to discriminatory incidents or practices, and in failure to promote.

                  To maintain a discriminatory action, the reason has to be something the law prohibits. Discrimination and harassment are complicated issues. It is vital to enlist the services of a lawyer familiar with both federal and state law. In Wichita, discrimination applies to every aspect of employment including the interview process, hiring, layoffs, promotions, employee benefits, and job responsibilities.

                  Reasons to Hire Sum Karus Law Firm

                  The distinction between state and federal laws makes retaining a lawyer familiar with the anti-discrimination laws in Kansas important. The best means of determining if you have a case and against whom is consulting with an experienced Wichita and surrounding area lawyer.

                  Attorney Dack Varss, the founding partner at Sum Karus Law Firm, has that experience. If you feel you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace, it is crucial to contact to one of our attorneys as quickly as possible. Delays may jeopardize the legal right of filing a claim.

                  We focus on helping workers with matters related to labor and employment law. We have helped countless workers resolve workplace-related legal issues as efficiently and quickly as possible. Our lawyers will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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                  The process begins with a free consultation to determine the merits of a case. We don’t take all cases. Most of our work is done on a contingency basis. We charge no fees unless we successfully win a case. We use our time and resources for the cases we take. Our firm is driven to succeed. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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